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Passaic Prom Limo
WHITE Freightliner Party Buses

WHITE Freightliner Party Buses

Seating Capacity

M2 106
Exterior Color:

Passaic Prom Limo offers Freightliner Party Buses Rental.

You’re celebrating a memorable event, or are you looking for a VIP ride for your corporate trip? Passaic Prom Limo will take care of your party bus needs and guests. Choose the newest addition to our fleet: The Freightliner Party Bus with a 44 – 50 pass capacity. Passaic Prom Limo invites guests to tour the city and hire the bus for special events like prom and wedding, bachelorette parties, night-out, or night-out. A custom-designed seating layout lets people talk and entertain at the party while being en way.

Our bus has dance pole seats with diamond designs with bars, tables with reclined seating, TV, lasers, light shows, and more. Get ready to party or attend an office transfer; the Limo bus is suitable for everything.

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 You also may explore our fleet by yourself browsing the limo pictures from the web-site No matter what car will attract you more, you have to know that the technical condition of each of them is preventively reviewed and revised before each trip- one more reason for you to feel yourself safe.